Nebraska Weather Radar Doppler

Nebraska is known for extensive farm fields, flat lands that can let you see for miles, and weather that can change dramatically in literally seconds. Severe weather is commonplace in this state, which is why Nebraska doppler radar is such an important tool to use.

By checking local radar regularly, you can see if severe weather is headed your way and be able to plan protective measures in advance, which ultimately keeps people safe.

Despite the size of the state, however, only 3 dedicated doppler radar stations are located within the state’s borders. A vast majority of the radar coverage that Nebraska receives comes from surrounding states, with Colorado, Kansas, and Wyoming providing most of the complimentary coverage.

Here is a look at the three Nebraska doppler radar stations:

North Platte: This city, which is a county seat for Nebraska, is also home to the world’s largest rail complex at Bailey Yards. An eight story visitor’s tower allows you to overlook the entire complex, which is perfect for those who love trains! During the building of the transcontinental railroad, North Platte was the western terminus of the railroad for over a year until the extension to Laramie, WY was completed.

Buffalo Bill Cody also held his first ever rodeo show in this city back in 1882. A living history museum is dedicated to him in this town. Nebraska doppler radar can help you know if the day is going to be nice enough to allow you to explore these sights and much more!

Hastings: The “Greenest City in the United States” needs to know when the weather will be good or bad for energy purposes, which is why Nebraska doppler radar is such a great tool to use for this community! This green concept goes beyond just renewable energy sources, however, as local residents take pride in their overall yard care. More landscaping is done in this community per capita than anywhere else in the country! Kool-Aid was also invented here and the United States built their largest ammunition plant for World War II near the city.

At night, many visit the Fisher Fountain as it is lighted with different colors that fade and change. It makes for quite the sight!

Omaha: You’d expect to see one of the widest interstate highways on the planet in a city that has millions of people who regularly commute. You wouldn’t expect to see it in a city with less than half a million people, yet I-80 that cuts through Omaha is 14 lanes wide at some points! Part of that is because Omaha is home to five of the world’s Fortune 500 companies, providing plenty of workers with excellent employment opportunities. Some notable food inventions have occurred in this city as well, including Raisin Bran, the TV dinner, and the Reuben sandwich. The NCAA World Series for baseball is also held here every year.