Arizona Weather Radar Doppler

Much of Arizona is desert and therefore isn’t really known for weather events, but the northern part of the state does have mountainous regions that gather regular accumulation.

Arizona doppler radar helps people in low precipitation areas be aware that a storm may be coming so that flash floods can be avoided. In other locations of the state, doppler radar serves as an indicator of future precipitation so that a day can be properly planned.

There are only four doppler radar stations within the state, although surrounding doppler stations in Nevada, California, New Mexico, and Colorado help to provide the state with complete coverage.

Here are the four stations unique to Arizona doppler radar:

Flagstaff: Located at the base of Mount Humphreys, which at 12,000 feet is the tallest peak in Arizona, the city of Flagstaff sits at an elevation that is similar to many of Colorado’s famed ski resort communities. Despite its elevation, the city enjoys nearly 300 days of sunshine each year while also receiving on average over 100 inches of snow every year. The famous Route 66 ran through Flagstaff and the city was the community with the highest elevation on that historic highway. The Lowell Observatory is located in Flagstaff as well, which gained notoriety because of their credited find of Pluto in our solar system.

Phoenix: Phoenix is the capital city of Arizona and it is also the largest city in the state. Phoenix got its name, according to local legends anyway, because the founder of the city saw the ruins of a previous civilization there and proclaimed that another great civilization would rise from its ashes. Even though it is a desert climate, the city receives up to 15 inches of precipitation that can be tracked on doppler radar, making it one of the greenest deserts in all of North America. Nearly 16 million people visit this city every year to explore its extensive networks of museums, shopping, and other tourist activities!

Tucson: Even though Tucson isn’t always the first city that is thought of when someone thinks of Arizona, it is actually one of the largest cities in the United States, ranked 32nd in size. It is surrounded by five mountain ranges, making it the perfect place to install a doppler radar station. Despite being in a valley and surrounded by forest land, Tucson is also the sunniest city in the United States, receiving more annual days of sun than any other city. With nearly 1,000 total miles of bike paths to explore and several hundred more hiking trails, Tucson is an adventurer’s dream!

Yuma: This city is a hub for local farmers, ranchers, and growers, making it the perfect site for Arizona doppler radar. It is also the home to an extensive Marine military base, adding to the support the local economy receives. The city is only 23 miles from a border crossing station, making it a common rest stop for those who are traveling to or returning from a visit to Mexico.

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