California Weather Radar Doppler

As a coastal state, California doppler radar is an extremely important tool to have so that residents can know when a storm might be headed their way. The state has one of the most extensive networks of doppler stations in the country, with the southern portion of the state having twice as many stations as other entire states!

Here is a brief look at California’s doppler radar stations:

Beale AFB: This military installation leads the list of California doppler radar stations because it is one of the few bases that always maintains a high state of readiness. Soldiers at Beale regularly support troops in open theaters and provide service support for those who may be deploying in the near future.

Eureka: This coastal town is surrounded by redwoods, making it a popular destination to visit all year round. It is home to an extensive collection of museums that feature the history of Northern California. Eureka is a city that is still attractive to those who wish to get in touch with nature.

Fresno: This city is the largest inland city in California and its name means “ash tree.” The city’s founding is based off of the famous gold rush that hit the region in the mid 1800’s and it continued to grow and thrive once the railroad connected with it. It used to be the home to many orchards and fields of row crops, but with its explosive growth over the last 5 decades those have been replaced with modern development.

Lompoc: Known mostly for its annual flower festival and parade, the Air Force Base located near this California city was the home of the Air Force’s first missile base. The military presence makes this city the perfect place for a doppler radar station!

Los Angeles: The “City of Angels” is one of the places where people relocate to make their dreams come true. Often called the “Entertainment Capital of the World,” nearly 4 million people call this city home.

Riverside: Even though this city is 60 miles east of Los Angeles, it is still considered part of its greater metropolitan area. Founded in the late 1800’s, the orange trees that were planted in the area have made this city famous the world over. California doppler radar helps to protect these investments by monitoring incoming precipitation.

Sacramento: California doppler radar is very handy in Sacramento because it can help to track the snow that comes to this city about once per decade! It’s one of the few cities that served as their state’s capital not once, but twice in history. Home to several museums and sports franchises, there always seems to be something to do in this classic California city.

San Francisco: Did you know this city is one of the richest in the world? More billionaires per capita call San Francisco home than anywhere else. The Golden Gate Bridge is the second longest single span in the world and it is so big that it is continually painted simply because once the crew gets done going one way, it’s time to go back the other way!

Victorville: This city is one of the fastest growing in the United States right now. It is home to the country’s second largest commercial runway and boasts many parks for family use.

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