South Carolina Weather Radar Doppler

Located on the Eastern seaboard of the United States, South Carolina is known for having beautiful weather nearly all year long. It is also in one of the most common hurricane tracks that come from the Atlantic Ocean, which means that severe weather and dangerous precipitation levels are a reasonable threat throughout the year.

That’s why having dedicated South Carolina doppler radar stations that track incoming precipitation is so important. It lets local residents and visitors alike know when they can hit the beach… or when they should stay inside!

This state was initially founded as an English colony in the late 17th century. The King of England gave the land of South Carolina to eight nobles, who promptly managed to completely mismanage it! It got so bad that the English Crown had to reclaim the land from the nobility and several treaties with the native tribes even forbade white settlers from entering the land whatsoever.

There are three dedicated South Carolina doppler radar stations that provide the area with coverage. Let’s take a closer look at them:

Charleston: This city is one of the oldest cities in the United States that is still in existence today, having been founded in 1670. It’s focus on charm and hospitality constantly make it one of the ten best places to visit in the United States every year. It is also a city of historical significance because the first decisive victory in the Revolutionary War occurred here at the Battle of Fort Sullivan and the Civil War also began here at Fort Sumter in 1860. Plantation homes can be seen throughout this community, giving visitors to this city a unique glimpse into America’s past.

Columbia: This community is that capital of the state and its largest city as well. The city is traditionally named after Christopher Columbus and is famously known for being the site of the South Carolina Secession Convention, where the state became the first to secede from the Union in the events that led up to the Civil War. The oldest house still in operation in the city was built in 1796 and these older colonial homes are large and unique because of a local law. If homeowners didn’t have a home that was 30 feet long and 18 feet wide, they had to pay a 5% annual penalty on their property until the length and width requirements were satisfied.

Greenville: People are continually flocking to this community for one simple reason: a strong jobs market. It is consistently named as one of the Top 10 fastest growing cities in the United States and, more recently, it has also become one of the Top 3 strongest job markets in the country as well. South Carolina doppler radar helps local workers understand what the conditions will be like for their commute… or if they should take a day off and head to the beach! The arts community is also strong here, with several independent plays and concerts put on every year in addition to nationally known artists routinely playing here.

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