Florida Weather Radar Doppler

Did you know the state of Florida is actually a giant peninsula? It’s surrounded by water on three sides, with the Atlantic Ocean on the east, the Gulf of Mexico on the west, and the Straits of Florida separating the two.

Because of its location, Florida sees a lot of precipitation every year and sometimes the storms can be very serious. The need for Florida doppler radar is very evident, providing residents with the chance to protect themselves if need be… or to know that it will be a sunny day out at the beach!

Here is a brief look at the Florida doppler radar stations:

Jacksonville: Located in the northeastern corner of Florida, Jacksonville is the largest city in the United States in terms of overall size at 840 square miles. The town in named for Andrew Jackson, who was the first military governor of the state, but he actually never visited the community! Florida doppler radar serves this city by giving it an early alert for hurricanes that may threaten the coast and communicates storm direction with other East Coast stations in other states.

Key West: Connected by bridges to the mainland, Key West is perhaps the most famous of this chain of Florida islands. You’ll actually cross 42 different bridges to drive to Key West! It is home to the world’s third largest coral reef and the beaches of the island aren’t natural. They were formed from sands that were shipped in from Caribbean islands!

Melbourne Airport: Located right on the Atlantic Coast, the primary thing you’ll find people doing here is fishing. That’s why Florida doppler radar at the airport is so important to this community as it helps many local residents earn their livelihood. If residents aren’t fishing to earn a living, then they are probably being artistic or creative in some way as the culture of Melbourne is an attractive tourist commodity.

Miami: The melting pot of Miami is known the world over. From the incredible beaches to the more incredible nightlife, this city is a hub for jazz and has over 800 parks. The world’s first suntan lotion was invented here and it is actually the only major city in the United States that was founded by a woman. It has the largest cruise ship port in the world and has been named as the world’s cleanest city.

Tallahassee: Located in the Florida panhandle, many call this city one of “America’s Last Great Places.” It is the perfect place to get in touch with nature, as nearly 75% of the native Floridian birds call the Tallahassee area home. There are nine designated canopy roads here covering 78 miles that are all lined with huge moss covered oaks.

Tampa: Tampa is the largest open-water estuary in the state, with the local bay’s total area covering over 2,000 square miles. More than 200 different species of fish can be found locally. That’s because just one quart of local bay water can contain over 1 million phytoplankton, the building blocks of sea life! The port in Tampa is the largest in the state and one of the 10 largest in the United States.