Hawaii Weather Radar Doppler

The Hawaiian islands are a vacation destination for many year-round thanks to its beautiful beaches, crashing waves, and other metropolitan or natural opportunities to explore.

Hawaii doppler radar keeps the islands informed of incoming storms so that visitors and locals alike can know when they may need to seek shelter. The entire state is in a tropical rainforest climate, which means there can be a lot of activity for the radar to pick up! Hawaii was also the last state to officially join the United States.

Let’s take a look at these doppler radar locations:

Hilo: This Hawaii doppler radar station is one of three that are actually located on the island called Hawaii. Hilo is a coastal community that is the second largest within the state. It’s not actually a city because there is no municipal government in place in Hilo. The island itself is bigger than Rhode Island or Delaware! Outside of the beaches and outdoor opportunities, Hilo also offers visitors a chance to see the state’s only tsunami museum.

Kohala: The Hawaii doppler radar station at Kohala is another station on the island of Hawaii, located opposite of Hilo’s station. It is situated near the oldest volcano in the state at the northern tip of the island. Kohala isn’t an active volcano, as scientists believe the last eruption took place about 120,000 years ago. Some age estimates put this volcano at 1 million years old!

Molokai: Molokai is one of the most isolated spots on the Hawaiian islands. The largest community on this peninsula is Kaunakakai, home to just 8,000 people. What attracts people to Molokai is the sacred Halaway Valley, which features two spectacular waterfalls! You can also take a mule ride to Kalaupapa National Historical Park to see one of Hawaii’s most remote settlements. It is also home to the world’s highest sea cliffs along its Northeast coast, stretching up to 3,900 feet in height.

South Shore Hawaii: To be fair, every island in Hawaii has a south shore that is just spectacular. Forty foot curling waves are a common sight, making these beaches a surfer’s dream! The most interesting place to visit in this area is the Kona Coffee Living History Farm. You can pull off the two-lane highway that stretches high above the ocean, sample locally grown coffee and fruits, and enjoy the view. The drive along the south shore of this big island is often called one of America’s best road trips.