Kansas Weather Radar Doppler

Kansas is one of the most explosive weather states in the United States. Located in the heartland of America, summer storms can often bring severe weather, including hail, strong winds, and tornados. Strong storms can happen all year-round in Kansas, which is why having an extensive doppler radar coverage is important.

There are four primary Kansas doppler radar stations, with coverage support coming from several other stations in Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

Let’s take a look at the four dedicated Kansas doppler radar stations:

Dodge City: This city is part of the lore of the Wild West. Still known today as the “Cowboy City,” Dodge City was the gateway between the East and the West on the Santa Fe trail. It was said that at the time of the population migration, you could see traffic as far as the eye could see 24/7. The term “stinker” is thought to have originated in Dodge City too – buffalo hunters would hang their prize hides up in town and then go visit the businesses within the city. For several years, there was no law in the town, which is how it got its reputation.

Goodland: The creation of this small community of less than 5,000 people is unique. When the counties were being formed in Kansas, there were four cities who all wanted to be the county seat of Sherman County. The dispute wasn’t going anywhere, so as a compromised it was proposed that a new community would be formed to take on the duties of the county seat and that was Goodland. It won a vote that was purported to be crooked and the town that had the county records refused to give them up. Armed men from Goodland stormed the records office, retrieved the records, and they’ve been in Goodland ever since.

Topeka: This Kansas doppler radar station is located in the state’s capital city. The city is home to America’s first high school that cost more than a million dollars to build and it opened in 1931. The Santa Fe Railroad also called this city home and it is still in existence today, although it is better known as BNSF. Charles Curtis, who is the only Native American to serve as Vice President of the United States, was born in Topeka too.

Wichita: Wichita is the largest city in Kansas, so it makes sense for it to have a dedicated Kansas doppler radar station! For auto industry fans, Wichita is a special place because it was the home to the Jones Automobile Company. For many years, cars and trucks were built in Wichita! Fewer than 10 Jones vehicles are known to exist today and the only one you can see publicly is in the country historical museum. This city is also known as one of the first places where the electric guitar was performed in public, happening several times in 1932.

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