Weather Affects All Our Lives In Some Way

Our daily lifestyle has always been affected by Mother Nature and her ability to impact various changes in weather conditions which has controlled our lives in almost every aspect possible, from our wardrobe and what to wear on any given day down to or routine plans.

Most people have developed the habit to plan almost every single aspect of their lives respective to their goals and desires and have realized that regardless of their planning the weather which at times can be unpredictable pays no respect to those plans.

As human beings we have come to the realization that regardless of our efforts we will never be able to control the weather. However as an evolving society, mankind has learned to adapt to the varying conditions and through technology have found ways to predict certain events and in effect prepare for them accordingly. Houses have been insulated to allow better survival during the harsh winter seasons and air-conditioning systems have been implemented to sustain cooler temperatures during the summer seasons.

Could movements are tracked with the use of helicopters, satellites and cameras with the aim of predicting weather conditions for future days. Homes have been equipped with barometers for simple weather checks on a minutely basis. Not only have heating and cooling solutions been implemented within our homes but also in our cars, schools, and working environments to allow us to comfortable work and learn whilst away from the comfort of our homes.

Mother Nature’s weather capabilities have not only served as effectively giving comfort to our lives but have also played an important role in our daily activities and how we spend our time.

Unexpected rainfall during or before a Football game on your local neighborhood field or National event can impact your time previously planned forcing you to make alternative arrangements with respect to how your day will be spent. Outdoor family events have many a time been forced to be rescheduled due to an incoming storm or even worse a hurricane or possible tornado.

Sports seasons are generally planned with respect to previously experienced weather conditions during that specific time and as a result have been prescheduled during a particular time of year when they will less likely be affected by unfavorable weather conditions.

There is however certain sporting events due to their nature can be played regardless of the weather conditions as they are played in an indoor surrounding. The only downside to such an event is, weather conditions if unfavorable enough will prevent both the athlete and the spectator from attending said event.

Weather conditions will always regardless of our planning and schedules control every aspect of our lives as we have all learnt either one way or another. What mankind has learnt is how to successfully adapt to these existing conditions and rather than to plan with respective to his desires, have learnt to plan with respect to that he is allowed as the weather permits.