Louisiana Weather Radar Doppler

The conversation about weather in Louisiana these days will invariably turn to Hurricane Katrina at some point. Situated along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, the state often experiences hot and humid weather that can be prone to storms and even severe weather.

With four dedicated Louisiana doppler radar stations at the ready, the state’s residents can have the information that they need to plan their day. Founded as the 18th state of the United States, many people travel to this state every year to celebrate Mardi Gras.

Here is a look at the four Louisiana doppler radar stations:

Fort Polk: This Louisiana doppler radar station is a United States Army post. It is named after a Confederate General who was also an Episcopal minister. It served as one of the primary training centers for troops during the Vietnam War and has been the home of many mechanized troop units over time. Today Fort Polk is home to the Joint Readiness Training Center for several battalions and brigades. The fort is also on land that has had several archeological finds and the Army spends considerable resources to flag down and help remove finds from the land.

Lake Charles: This Louisiana doppler radar station is located at the airport of this community and this city has been mentioned several times in television shows and the movies. In the Andy Griffith Show, Andy mentions that his aunt and uncle are from Lake Charles! Several actors, playwrights, and even Pulitzer Prize winning author Tony Kushner were born here as well.

New Orleans: The City of New Orleans has had many successes since the failure of the levies thanks to Hurricane Katrina. Located on the Mississippi River, the city has always been a port with strategic value. Before it was sold to the United States in 1803, both France and Spain held control over this city. These ethnic influences still dominate the society of this town, giving it a very unique atmosphere when compared to other US cities. Two of the largest private universities in the country also call this city home.

Shreveport: This city was founded in 1836 because its location was perfect for the Red River and the Texas Trail to coordinate goods and services along each route. The area was a stronghold for the Confederate Army during the Civil War – so much so that they were the last Confederate command to surrender to Union troops. This happened several weeks after the general surrender occurred by Robert E. Lee. For country music fans, this city is probably better known for the radio program “Hayride,” which got several singers, including Johnny Cash, their first chance at fame.

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