Maine Weather Radar Doppler

Maine is known as one of the best fishing locations in the world, with an emphasis on lobster fishing especially. The Atlantic Ocean can be a tumultuous place to be on a fishing boat, especially during inclement weather, which means Maine doppler radar has an important job. By knowing what the weather will be like, people have the ability to stay safe while out on the waters.

There are only two dedicated doppler radar stations that cover this state, although there are three other stations in Massachusetts, New York, and Vermont that also provide radar coverage.

This helps Maine residents know if there is a Nor’Easter headed their way, a sunny day is planned, or if other precipitation is headed their way. Maine is also unique because it is the only state that has a one syllable name and for the fact that even though it is on the East Coast, it was the 23rd state to join the Union.

Here is a look at the two Maine doppler radar stations:

Caribou: This Maine doppler radar station is one of the Easternmost stations in the United States. Located in a town that has less than 10,000 residents, for many years Caribou was known for a central battle in an undeclared war between Canada and the United States from 1838-1840 called the Aroostook War. The name of the town has jumped back and forth between Caribou and Lyndon several times over the course of history and for the last few years, the town has struggled because of problems with the potato market, one of its primary industries, and the closure of a local military base.

Portland: The largest city in Maine, the greater metropolitan area of this city is home to over one-third of the state’s total population. This city also served as the first capital of the state until it was moved permanently to Augusta. Outside of Maine, many people are familiar with this East Coast Portland because it was the birthplace of the renowned poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. His most popular works include The Courtship of Miles Standish, Evangeline and Hiawatha.

The area was initially settled in the early 1630’s and has been a thriving commercial port for nearly three centuries. It was given the name of Portland after the Revolutionary War outcomes were finalized and the port was rebuilt after being destroyed by British forces. It’s primarily Victorian appearance is thanks to the Great Fire of 1866 that burned down a vast majority of the city – a fire that was started because of Independence Day celebrations.