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New York is a state that is known for a lot of firsts that have happened in the world. The first students from a private college to study in China came from an institution based in New York in 1979.

A Manhattan school is known to be the first to offer a bachelor’s degree in fragrance and make-up marketing. The first successful steamboat was launched in New York. Even the first chess tournament held in the United States was held here too!

New York doppler radar is dedicated to this state of firsts with five stations providing complete coverage of the state. Let’s take a look at these locations a little more in-depth:

Albany: Located on the Hudson River, this city has three centuries of strategic history associated with it. The capital of the state, Albany is also considered to be the hub of the tech development industry of New York as well. Traditional neighborhoods make up this city of nearly 100,000 residents and if you happen to get bored with everything that the city offers, it’s a quick trip to Lake Placid, Cooperstown, or the Adirondacks for an incredible day away.

Binghamton: This community is the perfect place to have a New York doppler radar because it is known for its weather extremes. The area was initially settled in the late 18th century and is most known today for the fact that the flight simulator was invented here. It is a manufacturing hub that is filled with majestic colonial homes.

Buffalo: Started in 1896, Buffalo is home to the country’s oldest race, the YMCA Turkey Trot. It is also home to the world’s largest Dyngus Day celebration, which is a Polish celebration that occurs the Monday after Easter. Nearly 200 movies have been filmed in Buffalo over the decades and for many years, more millionaires called this city home per capita than any other. Most notably, however, Buffalo is part of one of the most famous grammatically correct sentences in the English language: “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.”

New York City: From Broadway to the Bronx, there is something for everyone is one of the most famous cities on the planet today. A place where dreams can be accomplished, it was initially purchased by the Dutch for about $1,000 in today’s money. The city was initially the capital of the United States until it was moved to Philadelphia in the 1780’s. The only other city in the world that has more completed skyscrapers is Hong Kong, as 8.2 million people call New York City home.

Griffiss AFB: Located near Rome, NY, this base was re-commissioned for civilian work in 1995. Today it is home to an Air Force Research Lab and it is a business and technology park. The Eastern Air Defense Sector is also operated here by the New York National Guard. With its emphasis on providing protection, a doppler radar station here in this technology park just makes sense.

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