Oregon Weather Radar Doppler

From the coastal mountains to the eastern plains, Oregon is a unique state with several different climates all rolled into one. Coastal communities may see lots of rain throughout the year, while the valleys of the southeastern part of the state may struggle to get any rain whatsoever.

Oregon doppler radar helps residents know what weather is headed their way and if that weather might be severe in nature.

Most people think of the fueling laws that Oregon has when they think of this state. Although some of these laws have been lessened, it is still illegal in many areas for someone to pump their own gas into their vehicle. The Oregon Ducks are also famous in college football circles for their explosive offense and ability to change uniforms seemingly every game!

There are three dedicated doppler radar stations within this state, with supplemental coverage provided by stations in Washington and Idaho. Let’s take a closer look at these three stations:

Medford: Located in the Rogue Valley of southern Oregon, this city is primarily focused on agriculture and health care. The timber industry also plays a strong role in the economic success of this community. The railroad arrived in this community in 1884 and in less than 30 years it was incorporated as a town. One of the most prominent views in town is Roxy Ann Peak, which is a dormant volcano that experts believe hasn’t erupted in 30 million years.

Pendleton: Located on the eastern plains of Oregon, storms are common in this fairly remote area that is also close to the Washington border. For that reason, it makes perfect sense to have an Oregon doppler radar station located here! The tribal influences of this community are very evident from the moment you enter the city limits and one of the largest self-serve gas stations within the state is located here for interstate travelers. The city is named after the 1868 Democratic Vice-Presidential candidate George Pendleton. It has always been a commercial hub and trading post, and at one point was the 4th largest city in the state.

Portland: The capital city of the state and the largest city as well, there are two things for which Portland is famous: traffic jams and its artistic community. Getting stuck on the interstate during rush hour can be a time-consuming process as the highway system is interconnected by a number of bridges that bring travelers around this community that is situated on the Columbia River. The arts scene is alive and well within this city and if the Timbers are playing, you’ll likely discover your own inner passion for the world’s most popular game.

Christmas in Portland is a special time of year as a Christmas tree lighting that rivals that of New York City’s is completed every year. Enjoy a cup of local coffee on a chilly day, grab a pastry at a local bakery, and enjoy a leisurely stroll in this beautiful city thanks to knowing what the weather will be like with Oregon doppler radar giving you the information you need to know.

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