Washington Weather Radar Doppler

One of the most famous exports from Washington are its apples, grown in the warm valleys that make up the central part of the state. The region is also perfect for vineyards and Washington is one of the fastest wine growing regions in the country.

With two major mountain ranges and the deep waters of the Puget Sound, the weather story of Washington is basically two different stories: the perpetual cloudiness and rain of the western part and the perpetual sun of the eastern part. That’s why Washington doppler radar is so important!

Despite its size, there are only two dedicated Washington doppler radar stations. It is also only has three doppler radar stations from other states that support this coverage, making Washington one of the lightest in doppler coverage in the entire country!

These radar stations get a workout too, especially in the convergence zone that occurs over Seattle, as Pacific weather comes around the Olympic Mountains and stalls at the Cascade Mountains.

Let’s take a closer look at the two Washington doppler radar stations:

Seattle: The largest city in Washington, Seattle is unique in that it is built upon a series of small peninsulas, isthmus strips, and lakes as the city comes right up to the edge of Puget Sound. The Sound is one of the deepest saltwater habitats in the world, which makes it home to many sea species like jellyfish, squid, and octopus. Scuba diving here is an adventure!

Seattle is also home to the largest ferry system in the United States and the third largest in the world. From Seattle, you can explore the Olympic Peninsula, the various islands the dot Puget Sound, and even travel to Canada when the season is right. Art and culture have a large emphasis in this city as well, with sculptures, totems, and public displays of art commonplace. Pike’s Place Market is one of the largest open markets in the US as well, providing shoppers the change to purchase everything from comics to crab.

Spokane: With just over 200,000 residents and a metropolitan area that is double the size, Spokane is the largest city between Minneapolis and Seattle. The name itself means “Children of the Sun” in the native tribal language. Spokane is home to the world’s largest 3 on 3 basketball tournament, the largest timed running race, and the city even hosted the 1974 World’s Fair. Make sure you bring your laptop downtown because there is a 100 block hot zone of free WiFi that you can make use of! The city was also the childhood home of Bing Crosby and if you ask anyone from Spokane about Father’s Day, they’ll say they invented it.

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