Wisconsin Weather Radar Doppler

Wisconsin, which is often called the “Dairy State,” has borders along two of the Great Lakes. This gives this state a unique climate that is often warm and humid in the Summer, cold and snowy in the Winter, but a perfectly mild Spring and Autumn that are perfect to explore the outdoors.

The state was settled by a melting pot of immigrants in the 1800’s, which means you can explore traditional communities that focus on Norwegian, Swiss, and German culture all on the same day!

There are three dedicated Wisconsin doppler radar stations that provide the state with weather information, with surrounding states providing supplemental coverage. This coverage is critically important, especially in the Spring and Summer months, as atmospheric turbulence can quickly cause damaging tornados to form.

Let’s take a look at the three Wisconsin doppler radar stations:

Green Bay: For most people around the world, the reason why they know Green Bay is because of the NFL’s Packers. The Green Bay Packers are one of the NFL’s first teams, having played in the league since the 1920’s, and they hold the most championships of any other team. Green Bay is a freshwater bay, a branch off of Lake Michigan, and the climate in the area is perfect for growing cranberries. Travelers headed to Canada through the Upper Peninsula often stop off here to rest, refresh, and explore the area’s native heritage.

La Crosse: Sitting on the border of Minnesota, but officially the Wisconsin hub if the tri-state region that also includes Iowa, La Crosse is the largest city that sits on the western border of Wisconsin. On a beautiful Autumn day, one of the world’s best drives is along the western Wisconsin border along the Mississippi river, viewing the changing colors of the trees along the majestic cliffs that abruptly stop right at the water’s edge. The area was settled in the 17th century for the fur trade and the city was named by the explorer Zebulon Pike after the native sport that is still played today

Milwaukee: The largest city in Wisconsin, many consider Milwaukee to be the black sheep older brother of Chicago, IL. Home to a professional baseball and basketball team, what makes Milwaukee famous is its emphasis on beer and bratwurst. Several national breweries have called this city home, while you can almost always find a brat stand cooking up a plump sausage with sauerkraut for someone to enjoy. Sitting on the shores of Lake Michigan, there is nothing like taking a small sailboat out on a clear day to enjoy the gentle waves of this freshwater lake.

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